Healing with Horses

About the program

It’s long been known that horses can help heal grief and emotional pain. Horses mirror feelings, attitudes, and intentions. Horses can be our greatest teacher. If you’ve tried to resolve your grief, but you’re still at a loss, consider this program to help you find a new peace.

All work is done on the ground; we do not ride the horses. There is no experience or familiarity with horses needed.

This is a 7-session in-person group located in Puslinch. The cost for this group is $425 (plus HST). Refreshments and snacks provided. Space is limited.

Next Session: Saturdays / April 20 – June 8


“I went to therapists for three years but never found the healing and peace that I have through these horses. Now I am leading a new life, learning to live with my memories and what is. How freeing.”
“I still remember the first day, shy, scared, of these animals. And then I’m not sure how it happened. Perhaps it was in the connection. In the touch. In the honesty of pain. I found healing and comfort of my pain, sorrow, anguish.”

"The changes I have undergone in this program have helped me carry my grief and pain in a different, more loving way."

 I feel more gratitude. I gained a new perspective on myself, the natural world, and other people. I have a better appreciation of nature and my relationship to it … My depression has lessened with the love that I felt coming from the horses (and the leader). I feel I am able to respond to others with renewed grace and patience. The learnings and changes have contributed to me moving through my grieving process with less tension, anxiety and depression. Would I do this again? YES ABSOLUTELY!”