Walking together through life's losses

About Griefwalk

Griefwalk was born in 2010 out of the desire to care for the brokenhearted; those who are grieving and mourning over life’s losses. In a world that is often grief avoidant, we want to offer a safe place to find understanding, hope, care and compassion on your journey.

We believe that we can all experience healing from life’s losses. We also believe that the work of healing is done better with other people, who understand and provide a compassionate and open heart, in a place of refuge where healing can be supported.

No matter where you are on your grief journey, we offer the following programs, groups and resources to help.

  • Bereavement Loss Support Groups
  • Companion Support
  • Grief Counselling Referrals
  • Educational Seminars
  • Unemployment Support
  • Resource Library

Our support groups meet weekly. They are offered in the fall, winter, and spring.

Griefwalk felt like a spa for the soul. I was in awe of how calm I felt when I walked into the room, and it’s because of the atmosphere that you have worked so hard to create .

Dana, Griefwalk Participant