Elizabeth Lengyel

Help Yourself Heal

Help Yourself Heal When Someone Loved Dies Realize Your Grief is UniqueYour grief is unique. No one will grieve in exactly the same way. Your experience will be influenced by a variety of factors: the relationship you had with the person who died; the circumstances surrounding the death; your emotional support system; and your cultural …

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Children & Grief

Adults grieve. So do children. As an adult or child, experiencing grief means to feel, not just to understand. Anyone old enough to love is old enough to grieve. Even before children are able to talk, they grieve when someone loved dies. And these feelings about the death become a part of their lives forever. Caring adults, whether …

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Adolescent Mourning

A Naturally Complicated Experience Adolescents often have difficulty with mourning in healthy ways for a number of reasons. The major roadblocks are: Concurrent Developmental TasksThe time of adolescence is filled with many changes. The death of a parent, sibling, or friend during these difficult, changing years can often be a devastating experience. Like adults, teens …

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